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The ITIA is the only professional body representing practising translators and interpreters in Ireland. Since 1986 the association has promoted the highest standards within the profession in addition to fostering a wider understanding of the highly skilled and exacting nature of the professions.

A not-for-profit organisation with more than 300 members providing services in 40+ languages, the ITIA is the main point of contact for trade and industry, government and educational and training bodies.

Reasons for choosing an ITIA member

There are several reasons for choosing an ITIA member for your next project:

  • ITIA Professional and Associate Members are qualified language professionals
  • ITIA Professional Members are ITIA examined
  • ITIA members undertake to abide by the ITIA Code of Practice and Professional Ethics
  • ITIA Certified Legal Translators have passed the ITIA legal translation exam
  • ITIA members usually specialise in one or more subject areas e.g. legal, financial, medical literary etc.
  • ITIA members are IT literate and generally use translation productivity tools
  • ITIA members fully understand the language and culture of your project
  • ITIA members are encouraged to attend regular continuing professional development (CPD) events

How to find the most suitable language professional

You can choose a match for your needs from the directory of ITIA members:

Professional Members are qualified translators and interpreters with at least three years professional experience who have passed the ITIA Professional Membership examination. This category also includes ITIA Certified Legal Translators who have also passed an additional ITIA examination for the translation of legal/official documents.

Associate Members are language professionals with EITHER at least a level 7 qualification on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications or equivalent in translation and/or interpreting and/or languages OR holders of at least a level 7 qualification on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications or equivalent in any other discipline together with documented proof of two years of relevant translation and/or interpreting experience