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A translation shared - a translation halved?
Lawsuit for possession of Danish author's diary
Rediscovering Ulysses in Irish
Benefits of volunteering 
Solidarity on Line
ITIA rates survey
FIT  Europe workshop in Athens
An Coiste Téarmaíochta world class terminological database
Translating between "small" languages - a personal experience
Members Corner
Members Corner
Microsoft AI-powered translation tool to be used in House of the Oireachtais

The story behind The Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation
The Association of Catalan Language Writers
Red T
Transcreation Workshop with Nina Sattler-Hovdar
Nuance-ticklers and word nerds: celebrating the art of translation
1986 - 2016: How it all began – a brief history of NZSTI by Patrick King.
CEATL AGM Copenhagen May 2018.
ASETRAD XV Congress in Zaragoza.
Status and recognition of legal interpreters and translators (LIT) today.
Obituary (Susan Cox)
Treaty Times Thirty Project
CPD: Transcreation
Target languages
Interview with Bernadette Ferguson
ITIA 2018 Kick start

Members' Corner - Ken Waide
From deaf language brokering to French deaf professional translation
New: Snippets
Members' Corner - Maire Nic Mhaolain
What kind of translator are you?
Economic value of book translation
Disruption and diversification - XXI FIT Congress
Members' Corner - Rachel McNicholl
Çevbir - Literature Translators' Society Turkey
Members' Corner - Adam Brożyński
Hungary Literary Translators' Association
An Agency's View - Nova Language Solutions Ltd.
EULITA 2017 - General Assembly and pre-conference events
Members’ Corner - Andrée Loredon
CEATL - The Skull Thing
An Agency's View - DCU Language Services

Members’ Corner - Akagi Koyabashi
ARTLIT, Romanian Association of Literary Translators
Central Procurement Agency tender for Interpreters
Members’ Corner – Isabelle Vallet Dunne
Macedonian Translators Association
Eagrán Nua den Chaighdeán Oifigiúil - Máire Nic Mhaoláin
Members’ Corner – Irene Meneguzzi
Report on CEATL AGM
Sign Language Interpreter shortage in Donegal
ITIA survey results
Members’ Corner – Sarah Jane Aberásturi
Report on EULITA General Assembly
History, memory and translation in Hispanic Literature
Argentinean rights bill for literary translators
Members’ Corner – Barbara Fisher
Review by Georgina Heydon of ‘Police Investigative Interviews and Interpreters’ by Mulayin et al.
The Client Perspective on the ideal interpreter by Judy Jenner

Members’ Corner – Lydia Grabowska
Report on FIT Europe Annual Meeting
Human Rights and Interpreting: the Irish legal system (Royal Irish Academy)
Members’ corner – Fanny Gendrau-Kelly
Report on CEATL AGM
Irish Council for Civil Liberties Human Rights Film Awards
Iconic Translation Machines
Report on Working Group on Asylum Protection Process
Members’ Corner- Patricia Hawkins de Medina
Courts Service pays over €1m for interpreters
Translation Service brings legal action against Garda Commissioner
Albanian literature in translation
Recent developments in Spanish-Irish poetry translation
Report on EULITA general assembly
A career as an EU translator
The battle of the translators: man v machine
Patient lost in translation
Translators for Journalists
Laghdú ar sheirbhísí ateangaireachta cúirte
FLAC Report review
Corkman who translated ‘Mein Kampf’

Report on FIT Statutory Congress
Garda Síochána request for tender for interpreting services
Translation right or wrong
Irish-Chinese literature translation prize
European network to promote linguistic diversity
Standards must be enforced (Australia)
Apps for interpreters
Second-class interpreting – Erika Gonzalez
The best-loved Canadian tale in Japan – Peter Dufree
Open letter to Dean Burnett, Amazon Crossing
RTÉ to begin audio description of ‘East Enders’
Review by Joh Kearns of ‘Kafka Translated’ by Michelle Woods
Irish translation of ‘Dracula’
Ontario association welcomes court interpreter testing as a good start
New EU directive on interpreting and translation in criminal proceedings
New agreement on fees and royalties for literary translators in Germany
The backstabbing translator by Konstantinos Stardelis
Report on 5th International Conference on Public Service Translation and Interpreting
Review of ‘The Irish District Court’ by Caroline O’Nolan
Google admits ‘garbage in, garbage out’ translation problem
Irish speaker fails in bid to have bilingual jury for assault case
Child’s death led to major reform, says ambulance chief
Translating Mercè Rodoreda (TCD Centre for Literary Translation)

Commission warns on new legal translation law
Mandela sign language interpreter 'faced murder charge
Results of independent survey of public service interpreters & further news on the MoJ contract
Anything can happen
Book Review: Game Localization: Translation for the Global Digital Entertainment Industry. Minako O’Hagan and Carmen Mangiron
Antonia Lloyd-Jones - A Public Interview

ITIA Bulletin October 2013

Word for Word: Losing out on access to translations
Irish Novelist Catherine Dunne wins Boccacio International Prize
MEMOIR: Séamus Heaney R.I.P
Ergonomic Issues at the Professional Translation Workplace
Liam Ó Rinn
Potty Mouths and Prurience
Interpreter jailed for helping learner drivers cheat on their theory test
Cost of Court Interpreters in Ireland Down 57% Since 2008
Lost in translation
When being lost in translation kills
Téarmaíocht don Aontas Eorpach
NHS use dial-up translator company who earned £12 million last year from UK operations
Exaro: Capita contract for court interpreters veers towards ‘collapse’
Interpreter’s ‘low pay’ halts a trial
CEATL Report 2013
Maternal Deaths Enquiry
Language linked to deaths at childbirth
Book review: Overture to the Opera: Italian Pastoral Drama in the Renaissance – Poliziano’s Orfeo and Tasso’s Aminta with Facing English Verse Translations
The Courts Service Interpreting Tender
A translators life: Chasing black cats in a black room in pursuit of the art of losses
Interpreters Accomplishments Fail to Translate Into Visas
Conference report: First APCI International Conference
5 Red flags the Freelance Translator Cannot Ignore
Book review: Scientific and Technical Translation Explained: A Nuts and Bolts Guide for Beginners by Jody Byrne
Courtroom savings hard to interpret
Internet for business
The vicarious trauma for the professional interpreter
New English-Irish dictionary on line - Foclóir Nua Béarla- Gaeilge
Australians raise the bar for interpreters and translators
Book review: Handbook of Translation Studies Vol. 1, ed. Yves Gambier and Luc van Doorslaer

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