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A translation shared - a translation halved?
Lawsuit for possession of Danish author's diary
Rediscovering Ulysses in Irish
Benefits of volunteering 
Solidarity on Line
ITIA rates survey
FIT  Europe workshop in Athens
An Coiste Téarmaíochta world class terminological database
Translating between "small" languages - a personal experience
Members Corner
Members Corner
Microsoft AI-powered translation tool to be used in House of the Oireachtais

The story behind The Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation
The Association of Catalan Language Writers
Red T
Transcreation Workshop with Nina Sattler-Hovdar
Nuance-ticklers and word nerds: celebrating the art of translation
1986 - 2016: How it all began – a brief history of NZSTI by Patrick King.
CEATL AGM Copenhagen May 2018.
ASETRAD XV Congress in Zaragoza.
Status and recognition of legal interpreters and translators (LIT) today.
Obituary (Susan Cox)
Treaty Times Thirty Project
CPD: Transcreation
Target languages
Interview with Bernadette Ferguson
ITIA 2018 Kick start

Members' Corner - Ken Waide
From deaf language brokering to French deaf professional translation
New: Snippets
Members' Corner - Maire Nic Mhaolain
What kind of translator are you?
Economic value of book translation
Disruption and diversification - XXI FIT Congress
Members' Corner - Rachel McNicholl
Çevbir - Literature Translators' Society Turkey
Members' Corner - Adam Brożyński
Hungary Literary Translators' Association
An Agency's View - Nova Language Solutions Ltd.
EULITA 2017 - General Assembly and pre-conference events
Members’ Corner - Andrée Loredon
CEATL - The Skull Thing
An Agency's View - DCU Language Services

Members’ Corner - Akagi Koyabashi
ARTLIT, Romanian Association of Literary Translators
Central Procurement Agency tender for Interpreters
Members’ Corner – Isabelle Vallet Dunne
Macedonian Translators Association
Eagrán Nua den Chaighdeán Oifigiúil - Máire Nic Mhaoláin
Members’ Corner – Irene Meneguzzi
Report on CEATL AGM
Sign Language Interpreter shortage in Donegal
ITIA survey results
Members’ Corner – Sarah Jane Aberásturi
Report on EULITA General Assembly
History, memory and translation in Hispanic Literature
Argentinean rights bill for literary translators
Members’ Corner – Barbara Fisher
Review by Georgina Heydon of ‘Police Investigative Interviews and Interpreters’ by Mulayin et al.
The Client Perspective on the ideal interpreter by Judy Jenner

Members’ Corner – Lydia Grabowska
Report on FIT Europe Annual Meeting
Human Rights and Interpreting: the Irish legal system (Royal Irish Academy)
Members’ corner – Fanny Gendrau-Kelly
Report on CEATL AGM
Irish Council for Civil Liberties Human Rights Film Awards
Iconic Translation Machines
Report on Working Group on Asylum Protection Process
Members’ Corner- Patricia Hawkins de Medina
Courts Service pays over €1m for interpreters
Translation Service brings legal action against Garda Commissioner
Albanian literature in translation
Recent developments in Spanish-Irish poetry translation
Report on EULITA general assembly
A career as an EU translator
The battle of the translators: man v machine
Patient lost in translation
Translators for Journalists
Laghdú ar sheirbhísí ateangaireachta cúirte
FLAC Report review
Corkman who translated ‘Mein Kampf’

Report on FIT Statutory Congress
Garda Síochána request for tender for interpreting services
Translation right or wrong
Irish-Chinese literature translation prize
European network to promote linguistic diversity
Standards must be enforced (Australia)
Apps for interpreters
Second-class interpreting – Erika Gonzalez
The best-loved Canadian tale in Japan – Peter Dufree
Open letter to Dean Burnett, Amazon Crossing
RTÉ to begin audio description of ‘East Enders’
Review by Joh Kearns of ‘Kafka Translated’ by Michelle Woods
Irish translation of ‘Dracula’
Ontario association welcomes court interpreter testing as a good start
New EU directive on interpreting and translation in criminal proceedings
New agreement on fees and royalties for literary translators in Germany
The backstabbing translator by Konstantinos Stardelis
Report on 5th International Conference on Public Service Translation and Interpreting
Review of ‘The Irish District Court’ by Caroline O’Nolan
Google admits ‘garbage in, garbage out’ translation problem
Irish speaker fails in bid to have bilingual jury for assault case
Child’s death led to major reform, says ambulance chief
Translating Mercè Rodoreda (TCD Centre for Literary Translation)

Commission warns on new legal translation law
Mandela sign language interpreter 'faced murder charge
Results of independent survey of public service interpreters & further news on the MoJ contract
Anything can happen
Book Review: Game Localization: Translation for the Global Digital Entertainment Industry. Minako O’Hagan and Carmen Mangiron
Antonia Lloyd-Jones - A Public Interview

ITIA Bulletin October 2013

Word for Word: Losing out on access to translations
Irish Novelist Catherine Dunne wins Boccacio International Prize
MEMOIR: Séamus Heaney R.I.P
Ergonomic Issues at the Professional Translation Workplace
Liam Ó Rinn
Potty Mouths and Prurience
Interpreter jailed for helping learner drivers cheat on their theory test
Cost of Court Interpreters in Ireland Down 57% Since 2008
Lost in translation
When being lost in translation kills
Téarmaíocht don Aontas Eorpach
NHS use dial-up translator company who earned £12 million last year from UK operations
Exaro: Capita contract for court interpreters veers towards ‘collapse’
Interpreter’s ‘low pay’ halts a trial
CEATL Report 2013
Maternal Deaths Enquiry
Language linked to deaths at childbirth
Book review: Overture to the Opera: Italian Pastoral Drama in the Renaissance – Poliziano’s Orfeo and Tasso’s Aminta with Facing English Verse Translations
The Courts Service Interpreting Tender
A translators life: Chasing black cats in a black room in pursuit of the art of losses
Interpreters Accomplishments Fail to Translate Into Visas
Conference report: First APCI International Conference
5 Red flags the Freelance Translator Cannot Ignore
Book review: Scientific and Technical Translation Explained: A Nuts and Bolts Guide for Beginners by Jody Byrne
Courtroom savings hard to interpret
Internet for business
The vicarious trauma for the professional interpreter
New English-Irish dictionary on line - Foclóir Nua Béarla- Gaeilge
Australians raise the bar for interpreters and translators
Book review: Handbook of Translation Studies Vol. 1, ed. Yves Gambier and Luc van Doorslaer

PAC Press Notice
Interpreting politicians: The work of parliamentary polyglots
Police admit using Google translation in terror investigation was mistake
Conference Report
The cultural dimension in games localisation
£5m spent on translation services
Boss of Applied Language Solutions blames interpreters for failures
Italian interpreting cutbacks: skimping or saving?
Report on TRAFUT Workshop, Antwerp, October 2012
The challenge of making translations visible
Things I wish I knew as an interpreter
Microsoft demos instant English-Chinese translation
Who holds judiciary to account when they get it wrong?
CEATL Report
IATIS Conference Report
Athbhreithniú ar Chaighdeán Oifigiúil na Gaeilge
Welsh language activist jailed over refusal to pay English-only fine
384 warrant appeals made to Ireland
“Soft Machine” and “Snuff” on Trial
Research Changes Legal System
Blog: The Realities and Benefits of Translation as a Full-time Job – An Introduction (article excerpts)
10 Ways to Prepare
Interpreter request is refused by court because man has 'been in UK long enough'
Useful Links for Court Interpreters
Courts last in translation... thanks to outsourcing giant
Court translation service in crisis after cost-cutting deal
Boss of court-translation firm Applied Language Solutions hits back after judges blast service
Interpreting error leads to £25,000 retrial costs
Workshop Report
Recommended Websites
Ireland more diverse
Bad “Hindi Translation” Leads To Mistrial In Brampton Sex Assault Case
FNC passes law on translators
Jobs agency slammed over 'cheap' interpreters
MoJ interpreting hub a ‘false economy
Judge: Use of interpreters to be curbed due to budgets

Trial aborted after juror criticises interpreter
Translation Vexation: Non-English speakers and affidavit evidence
Judge hits out at interpreters’ service
Conference Report: IPCITI
Interpreter/detective provides startling evidence
Freelancing for a translation company – DCU Language Services Ltd
How £11,000 a day is lost in translation over foreign NHS patients
Does Justice Lose Something in Translation?
Courts Service Interpreting Tender Process
Bad interpreters a 'threat' to rule of law in Sweden
Utah's language law for drivers licence creates roadblock for refugees
Work opportunities for Irish translators
Translation derails sex assault trial
Translations available on request
'Promotoras' bridge doctor-patient language barrier in hospitals
Language app helps U.S. troops in Afghanistan
Paramedics advised parents to give boy 7UP, inquest told
FIT 2011 on Interpreting (BLOG)
Koreans and Scots Celebrate Legacy of Bible Translator
Ottawa court interpreters looking to unionize
Schoolgirl is youngest Parliament interpreter
Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters Established
Mortality data delivers surprising results [extract]
EU Patent Office, Google Seal Pact on Translation
Interpreters play vital role in court system
Interpreter completes three-year tour
Conference Report
Over 300 interpreters ready to help quake-affected foreigners
Lancashire Police interpreter contract is scrapped
Conference Report: AVIDICUS Symposium on Remote Interpreting via Video Link
Huang Youyi: China has stories to tell the worl
Lost in Translation”: Courtroom Video-link Interpreting
Interpreter's actions raise suspect rights question
Translation as Literary Ambassador
Courts Service goes to Tender again
Medical interpreters are a patient's right
Deaf man can sit on jury, says judge

Lack of interpreters are a threat to asylum process
Commission wants more universities to offer courses for translators
Conference Report: METM 2010
Conference Report: IPCITI 2010
CPD event report
Loughborough centre criticised for lack of interpreters
NHS 'failing those who don't speak English
Business “sans frontières”!
Conference report
CPD events for your diary
Survey on Subtitling Rates and Working Conditions
Interpreting Training Review
See one, do one: A handy grasp of Hindi
Unilingual Supreme Court of Canada judges just don’t get it
What is in a name?
Will Lady Justice Ever Be Multilingual?
Ireland’s first Laureate na nÓg
Dáil Question About Achievements of Foras na Gaeilge
Starting out as a Translator or Interpreter
Workshop on Literary Translation
Translators needed for research study
Style Matters
New Italian MA in specialist translation
Why translators deserve some credit
Interpreters challenge process that certifies skill
Translating Business Film Material
First steps as a translator or interpreter
The Lives of Others
Judges protest at lack of qualified translators in court cases
Hundreds of Hungarian Driving Licences Issued Illiterate Romanians
Statistics-based MT gaining ground
EC proposes minimum T/I standards for suspects
Pádraic MacKernan 1940-2010
Arts Council Refuses IWC Funding for a Second Year
New translation of Beauvoir classic
Just what do you take me for?
The Art of Relationship-Building with Direct Clients
Judges request Basque Arturo Arteaga warrant clarity
Professional Membership of the ITIA
Translating for the European Union
Conference Report
Cost-effective legal recourse now possible for freelancers
Dáil Questions on Cost of Irish Translations
EU language industry set to ride out the crisis
Translation Prizes for 2009

Event at at ITIA
Translation Ireland: Call for Papers
New European Master's in Translation at DCU
Conference Report
ATA conference stresses importance of specialising
Labour TD asks questions in Dáil about translation
Minister Ó Cuív Defends Irish Translations
Chinese Translation Dispute: “Aobama” or “Oubama”?
EU funding for literary translation projects
HSE's Emergency Multilingual Aid
R&D into automated translation
Gaddafi's interpreter hits a wall
UNESCO celebrates the Potter effect
The cost of competing in the Polish market
Concern over shortage of interpreters, especially for French 6
Welsh makes it to Brussels
Dáil question regarding T/I
Criminals to gain right to T/I services
Ever more language issues in Irish healthcare
Oxford University Press announces new Kafka translations
Gmail integrates automatic translation technology
Translation costs in the headlines again
Court interpreter alleges racial discrimination
Interpreters must be employees
Translating Pain into Action: A Study of Gender-Based Violence
European Commission concerned about lack of up-andcoming translators/interpreters
European Commission organises conferences on T/I
Minister’s Questions in the Dáil
Legal documents still not available in Irish
Scottish Police Accused of Rights Abuse over Interpretation
Alice in Cornish
Polish driving licence causes embarrassment
Arts Council to cut IWC funding
ILE Bursaries
Interpreting News
Saving money on translators and interpreters
Murder case postponed for interpreter no-show
Advertise in the ITIA Bulletin
Second EU translation contest winners announced
MEP discusses progress of Irish as official EU language
New blog for medical translation
New interpreting software for UK hospitals

Prospective Certified Translators
Iraqi Interpreters banned from wearing masks
Garda complains about lack of interpreting standards in Ireland
Career Questions
Court case breaks down in Scotland over unqualified interpreter
Obituary: Jin Di, 1921-2008
A Fly in the Ointment: FGS report on GSPs
Irish Times Interview with Word Perfect
ITIA Christmas Party
Prospective Certified Translators
New book released by Nataly Kelly
Garda Tender for Translation and Interpreting Services
ITIA Continuing Professional Development
Interpreter removed from court over affidavit conflict
Career Questions
Question on Language for Census 2011
The Twenty-Second ITIA Annual General Meeting
New research into language learning abilities
Obituary - Henry Fischbach
Obituary - Taheher Saffarzadeh
Translation Prize winner
Translation problem in Russia-Georgia peace plan
Interpreters and Translators
22nd ITIA Annual General Meeting
Obituary of Séan Mac Mathghamhna
The Idiom: Yesterday's News
Publishing House Dedicated to Literature in Translation
MT company sees bright future
European Commission threatens Irish State with legal action over Lionbridge contract
Quran translator passes away
Report - FIT World Congress, 2008
Interview With the President of FIT Europe
New Telephone Interpreting Guide
New Freelance Qualified Interpreter Pay Rates
Asylum and language analysis
Report: XIII Euralex International Congress
Equality Tribunal Case: 58 Named Complainants vs Goode Concrete Ltd
FIT 2008
Interpreting in Situations of Sexual Violence and Other Trauma
Translation at centre of South Korean beef debacle
Legal Interpreting and Translation in the EU
Career Questions
British translator wins two prestigious awards
Survey by the FIT Translation Technology committee eCoLoMedia Project
Two spheres of T/I at the 2008 Olympic Games
Telephone Interpreting - CPD programme
New Technology Means Leap Forward for Sign Language interpreting services
From Boom to Bust - Freelancing in a Recession
Realities and Aspirations
Conference Review
New stenography system in The Courts
ITIA Submission to Oireachtas Committee
Judge refuses payment to unsatisfactory interpreter
Sign Language Interpreters at risk
Career Questions
Facebook attempts collaborative translation
Irish Language Department in the European Commission
ITIA Launches Continuing Professional Development Courses
Renowned translator dies
Conference Report
HSE National Intercultural Health Strategy 2007-2012
New Members of the ITIA
Career Questions
Time Management for Freelancers (part II)
Some Thoughts on the Garda Tender Process for T&I
Translation in Second Language Teaching and Learning
Languages and Intercultural Dialogue in a Globalizing World
Lionbridge Technologies Fires Union Representative
Cowboys and indians
South Korea launches T/I association
Time Management for freelancers
Michael Cronin Receives ITIA Honorary Membership
Special Offer for readers
Intercultural Strategy calls for Nationwide Interpreting Service
Request for Participation in Research
Language software development gets boost from EC
Court interpreting - who should pay?
Paying for court interpreters falls to defendants
Index Translationum - A bibliography of translations
Research Scholarships

TV ad leaves Polish audience perplexed
Online MT causes embarrassment
Review: 500 Seanfhocal / Proverbs / Refranes / Przyslów
DCU research get funding for automatic translation project
Kalima project to bring world literature to Arabic speakers
Revival needed for translated works
The first Duais Uí Dhoibhlin awards ceremony
Turkey promises to amend infamous Article 301 Government ministers reminded to use the Irish language
Competition for Lawyer Linguists
Irish Examiner reports on judge dismissing incompetent interpreters
Donegal Democrat reports on lack of court interpreters
Court Interpreters in the News (for the wrong reasons)
About our invisibility cloak
The ITIA 2007 Annual General Meeting
PIAB moves on translation costs
No interpreter provided for Chinese domestic abuse victim
Arabic translation takes £2,000 award
LA Court interpreters return to work – without pay raises
Immigrant's death prompts calls for development of medical interpreting services
Court interpreters take to the streets in California
Translating Diplomacy
International Translation Day
New name for an old product Frankfurt Book Fair 2007
ITIA meeting for community interpreters
Interpreting Services cost Courts €2m
English well talking
From Our Lips to Your Ears
Graduate Certificate in Community Interpreting at Dublin City University
Teen Translators infringe Harry Potter copyright... again
Legislation - Polish Example
Iraqi interpreters continue to fall
Oxford Dictionaries to go online
Translated work wins lucrative IMPAC prize
ITIA Community Interpreting Sub Committee
Homage to Gregory Rabassa
Interpreting Central and Eastern Europe through local_minds
Another translation product on the shelves
ITIA Event: Celebration of Translation
Racist sofa may end in compensation settlement
ITIA Certified Translator status
SDL to takeover Tridion
Situation worsens in Afghanistan
What next for interpreter certification programmes in the U.S.? Part 1
All for IATE and IATE for all
NUPIT draws up Charter for Standards in Public Service Interpreting
Bad Glück in Berlin Declaration translation
Lionbridge pushing role of translation in lucrative Clinical Trials market
New Translation Prompts Debate on Islamic Verse
First translators receive official seal of accreditation
Deal to release Italian journalist criticised
CAT - The Next Chapter
Freelance and Quality
International Translation Day 2007
Video messages via mobile for sign language users
New Report on multicultural integration emphasises learning of English
Call for end to censorship in Iran
Another medical interpreting product comes on the market
T/I Services for Irish Government
Microsoft releases Vista
The ITIA in 2006
ITI launches “International Calendar of Events” (ICE)
Robot Interpreter at John Hopkins Hospital
New Electronic Braille Translator wins Red Dot Award
Army interpreter denies spying
Pirated DVDs produce comedies of errors
Summary of CARe: Communication with Asylum Seekers and Refugees
New international peer-reviewed journal “Translation Studies”

The ITIA celebrates 20 years
Court Interpreting: pestering, perversity and a touch of perjury
Report from the XII Euralex International Congress 2006
Letter to the Editor
A Call for International Solidarity for Freedom of Expression
EST Young Scholar Award 2007
Employment Opportunity
Online MT Causes Bladder Problems
The Reform and Re-reform of German Orthography
Simplified Spelling for English?
Conference Report
20th Anniversary Celebration of the ITIA
Diary Notes
Letter Published in the Irish Times in July
A First for DCU – Graduate Certificate in Community Interpreting
Translating World Favourites
Conference Report: 'Whys and Hows of Retranslating the Classics'
FIT Literary Translation Committee Report
Skype launches telephone interpreting service
ITIA in the News
World Cup snippets
Lack of medical interpreters reaches crisis
US declares English the 'National Language'
Professional membership of the ITIA
New MT tool due on the market
The new English
ITIA 20th Anniversary Celebrations
English language nears the one million-word milestone
Former FBI translator awarded
Jin Di and Eugene Nida – On Translation
The Institute of Linguists and its elevation to chartered body status
FLOSS: OpenOffice (continued)
Fiction Prize rewards translators
UN May Outsource Translation Work
Official Languages Act and Recent Media Coverage
ITIA 20 Year Anniversary
FLOSS: OpenOffice
FIT Survey for eCoLoTrain Project
Translator still held by US forces in Iraq
Mistranslation lands CNN in hot water
Google enters Chinese market on condition of censorship
New Members of the ITIA
Did you use FLOSS today?
Seimineár Eolais faoi Chóras Creidiúnaithe d’Aistritheoirí Gaeilge
Culture Ireland and the Ireland Literature Exchange: A Match Made in Heaven?
You say eiro, I say euro
Accreditation System for Irish- English Translators
Review: A Trilingual Wörterglück
What's the FOSS all about?
Conference Review

To revive or not to revive
Paul Celan Fellowships for Translators 2006
Community Interpreting News
Calling all economic translation teacher
Report on International Translation Day
Report on the 2005 AGM
Assassinations Of Iraqi Translators And Interpreters
ITIA AGM: Final Reminder
International Translation Day 2005
Translation Ireland Yearbook
Profitability Guide for Interpreters
ITIA Professional Membership
Membership of the ITIA is good for your health
Ireland in Tampere
One for all and all for one
A translator’s CV – a translator’s best friend
Royal Charter for Linguists
The IATIS Bulletin
AGM - A Reminder
Harry Potter and the hobby translators
International Translation Day
ITIA Annual General Meeting
Microsoft Launches Windows as Gaeilge
Survey of Freelance Earnings
A translator’s CV – a translator’s best friend
David Bellos wins Man Booker International Translator’s Prize
Publishing Companies Stand Accused
Irish Becomes an EU Working Language
New Members of the ITIA
Payment of ITIA Fees Job
CEN Draft Standard on Translation Services
WinLexic 2005
The Courts Service Interpreting Tender
Distance Translator Training
Man Booker International prize for Translator
A word on col(a)king
Interpreters and the Courts
XV11 FIT World Congress
A (chartered) Institute of Linguists
Translation Ireland, Summer 2005
ITIA Certification Workshop
Jin Di becomes honorary member of ITIA
The Second International Postgraduate Translation Studies Conference, DCU
Book Review - Crossing: Language & Ethnicity among Adolescents by Ben Rampton
Special Issue of Translation Ireland
Software: ManualMaker
New Voices in Translation Studies
Translation Studies Abstracts / Bibliography of Translation Studies
Refresher Course in Legal Italiana
2nd DCU International Postgraduate Translation Studies Conference
Jin Di in Ireland - The Chinese Translator of Ulysses
Certificate in Collaborative Translation Teaching (CCTT2005)
Interpreting and Translating at Court and for Public Authorities
Translation Ireland
Traductio ad absurdum
European Award for Languages in Ireland - The Language Label
FIT News – Progress on Projects


Translator Training and the Bologna Process
Second DCU Postgraduate Translation Studies Conference
CEN BTTF 138 Translation Services
Residences for Authors & Translators
UNESCO Translation Initiatives
Jin Di and Translating Ulysses into Chinese
Introduction to the Translators' Association of China (TAC)
Translating Matrimonial Crisis Terminology in Ireland and Spain
Opportunities for Translating Sport
International Translation Day 2004
Free Software AnyCount 3.0
Trasna / TrasnaBio – The Translation Archipelago
The Second Dublin City University International Postgraduate Conference in Translation Studies
The Romanian Translators’ Association
Norwegian Translators’ Open Day
Literary Translation Days in Italy
The International Association for Translation & Intercultural Studies
Graduate Certificate in Community Interpreting at DCU
Prix de l’Ambassade Prize for French-English/Irish Translation
Translation at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Bibliography of Translation Studies Online
ITIA 2004 Annual General Meeting
Calls for Papers
Review: Certificate Course in Collaborative Translation Teaching
Poor Technologies - Elegant solutions
The FIT Manefesto
Translation and meaning
LRC'04 - Open Source localisation
Institute of linguists members day
A Celebration of Translation
Cork 2005: European Capital of Culture
M.Phil in Literary Translation at Trinity College Dublin
Prix De L'Ambassade
Translatore targeted in Iraq
Report: The first DCU Postgraduate Translation Studies Conference
"A Celebration of translation"
Brian Hughes - Memorial publication
Nice guys finish last
Call for papers
Insurance for Translators
ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
Séamus Ó Dúgáin (Jimmy Duggan) – An Appreciation
The TRASNA Projects
The CCI Scheme
The Journal of Specialised Translation

ITIA Bulletin January 2004

ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
ITIT On-line symposium on Localisation and Translator Training
Translating at the Europaisches Ubersetzer_Kollegium in Straelen

ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
Pubic consultation on Mental Health Services
Fócloir - A new Corpus based Irish dictionary
Residences for Irish Translators and Writers in France
Review: Innovation and E-learning in Translator Training
Interpreters among war casualties
ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
Pubic Consultation on Mental Health Services
Review: Aequitas - Access to Justice
Fócloir - A New Corpus based Irish Dictionary
ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
Translation in Poland
Translation and Language events
ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
International Translation Day 2003
Certification - An Open Letter
The National Standards in Translating
Review: Machine Translation with @prompt Professional
Translation Bloomers

ITIA Bulletin August 2003ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
Tackling Spam Head On
WWW Search Interfaces for Translators – wwwsift
CTTT Training Seminar for Translation Teachers
Translation in the News

ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
Flat rate internet access comes to Ireland
Manage your Bookmarks on line
The Ethics of Translation
Translation Research Summer at UCL
Learning Grammer the Easy Way
ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
FIT Celebrates 50 Years in UNESCO Paris
FIT Human Rights committee
Translation and Globalization
On Line Dictionaries and Multilingual Resources
ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
Multilingualism in Healthcare a Prescription for Disaster.
Machine Translation - Troops use High Tech Translator
Letter to the Garda Commissioner
ITIA Professional Development Seminars
Translating and Interpreting in Argentina
Government of Ireland Senior Research Fellowship
ITIA Chairman’s Book Prize
Legal Interpreting in the News
Handy On-Line Rescources
Has your computer caught a cold
ITIA Mentoring Workshop and Professional Development Seminars
Language International closes its Doors
Copyright - 50 years on
New Localisation Book Launched
Reorganisation of EU Translation Service
Handy On-Line Resources
International Literary Translation Centre in Canada
Translators to Face the Balka?
New Trade Association of Danish Translation Companies
Conversation on Language, Learning and Linguistic Diversity
Where is Translations Va Va Vroom
New Terminology Resources
Twelve Tips for Freelance Translator Success
EURODICAUTOM - No Longer Available to Translators